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January 2, 2019
We all need it, and we all should give it.
They're part of our Kingdom-and-glory calling.

Return Visit

December 31, 2018
Paul reveals his love and concern for the Thessalonians.
Paul reminds the Thessalonians of the Gospel's power among them.

Glory and Joy

December 29, 2018
Paul looked forward to the coming of Christ. So should we.

Powerful Word

December 28, 2018
The Word of God is the active agent in all aspects of our salvation.
Here is the defining framework for the life of faith.

Dear to Him

December 26, 2018
Love is why we seek others for the Lord.
Paul sought only the glory of God in Thessalonica.
Conflict was no match for Paul's boldness.
The Gospel made the Thessalonians a model congregation.
Christianity in three verbs.

Sound Forth!

December 21, 2018
Here's an example we can and should follow.
All Christians are followers. And all Christians are leaders.

Word and Power

December 19, 2018
The Spirit brings the Gospel by word and power.

Today's ReVision

Whom the Devil Hates

Warning: temptations and trials ahead.

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