The Scriptorium
Let's slow down and catch our breath: Isaiah 24.
Seeing God's judgment, Judah and Jerusalam should have turned to him. But...
Who's watching for trouble today?
God will judge, but He will also restore.
Kingdoms falling on every hand, and a Kingdom coming that will ever stand.
The King of Babylon and the king of lies - judged.
Suddenly, Babylon is in the prophet's cross hairs.
Wrath, judgment, hope, restoration: Isaiah's ministry begins.
Are we about what the Lord's about in these last days?

The Branch

March 1, 2019
An interlude of radiant hope.
Sennacharib went too far. Too bad.
Isaiah 9 breaks into two parts, one of birth, one of death.

The Promised Son

February 26, 2019
Isaiah's son was a sign to Ahaz and to us.

Ask a Sign

February 25, 2019
Isaiah begins his ministry in the court of King Ahaz.

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The Power of the Word

Unseen, unheard, yet everywhere powerful.

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