The Scriptorium
Thank God for the gift of His Spirit.
The Spirit is given to glorify Jesus Christ - in us.

Guide to Truth

December 8, 2017
The Holy Spirit is the key to truth.
Jesus explains the work of the Spirit in our lives.
Jesus' rebuked their sorrowing, and pointed them to His Spirit.


December 5, 2017
There is power in Jesus' Word, as we remember it.
It's a rocky road, but we must walk it.
They hated Him; they'll hate us.
When the Spirit comes, we'll know.

Word Conscious

December 1, 2017
Are we conscious of living in the Word of God?
They hated Jesus; they'll hate us. Big deal.

If Only!

November 29, 2017
Jesus talked about sin, and so must we.
They know Him, but they don't know Him. So they persecute Him.

Get Used to It

November 27, 2017
The world hated Jesus; it will hate His friends.

Chosen Friends

November 26, 2017
Jesus has made us His friends. Let's not squander the privilege.

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Worship and Order

Worship is our most important cultural activity.

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