Realizing the presence, promise, and power of the Kingdom of God.
The Scriptorium
The dignity of God's Law. Ruth 2.4-7
Here is what the Law of God looks like in practice. Ruth 2.1-3
What an elegant beginning to a beautiful book. Ruth 1
Naomi and Ruth teach us about following Jesus. Ruth 1.15-22
Naomi's faith and hope grow. Ruth 1.10-14


July 1, 2021
Naomi heads back to God's covenant. Ruth 1.8, 9


June 30, 2021
Naomi shows us the nature of repentance. Ruth 1.6, 7

Left, Left

June 29, 2021
Sin impacts the innocent. Ruth 1.3-5
Elimelech makes a bad choice. Ruth 1.1, 2
The book of Deuteronomy concludes. Deuteronomy 33, 34
A life well-lived. Deuteronomy 34.1-12
We are blessed in them. Deuteronomy 33.18-29
These blessings for God's people are for us, too. Deuteronomy 33.12-17
Moses blesses the tribe of Levi. Deuteronomy 33.8-11
Moses begins his second final work. Deuteronomy 33.6, 7

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