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The Scriptorium


April 25, 2020
God provides the model that we must emulate. Matthew 6.14, 15
When temptation arises, you have to choose. Matthew 5.13
Now we're ready to bring our requests to the Lord. Matthew 6.11, 12
The proper focus of prayer is God. Matthew 6.9, 10
Prayer is between us and God. And no one else. Matthew 6.5-8
Righteousness is from God and for God. Matthew 6.1-4
Kingdom righteousness begins within. Matthew 5.21-48
Perfection must be our aim. Matthew 5.38-48
Let plain, true speech suffice. Matthew 5.33-37

On Divorce

April 16, 2020
Divorce is constrained by righteousness. Matthew 5.31, 32
Sin begins here. Keep a close watch. Matthew 5.27-30


April 14, 2020
Kingdom righteousness requires that we be peacemakers. Matthew 5.23-26
I think we would have squirmed, too. Matthew 5.21, 22
Righteousness describes the character of the Kingdom. Matthew 5.13-20
The "righteousness" of the religious leaders won't get it. Matthew 5.20