The Scriptorium
Caleb is the pace-setter.


November 6, 2018
The writer's focus turns to the tribe of Judah.
Caleb resurfaces, faithful and fit as ever.
God proves His faithfulness.
The business of dividing the land begins.
The work isn't finished, but the dividing begins anyway.
There will always be more land to conquer, more of God's promises to gain.
The land is conquered, but the struggle continues.
Moses, the servant of the Lord, led the first wave of victories.
The conquest of Canaan is a template for sanctification.
Same song, second verse.


October 27, 2018
Even more than Israel under Joshua, we have entered the Lord's rest.
They rejected the mercy of God, and they received no mercy.
Israel's obedience provides a model for us.


October 24, 2018
Hazor is a type of the final judgment.

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Greater than at Present

Our great salvation is as big as the world.

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