Realizing the presence, promise, and power of the Kingdom of God.
The Scriptorium
Here's how to handle adversity. Acts 16.19-30
No tolerance for the demonic. Acts 16.16-18
The ongoing work goes on. Acts 16.11-15
He leads us all. We need to follow. Acts 16.6-10


April 11, 2022
Paul finds a new disciple and colleague. Acts 16.1-5
It's hard work, but it must be done. Acts 14, 15
We all have our own callings. Acts 15.30-41
Deliberation in faith leads to truth. Acts 15.12-29


April 7, 2022
A new challenge arises. Acts 15.1-11
It's all part of life in the Kingdom. Acts 14.13-23

Home Again

April 6, 2022
 And stories to tell. Acts 14.24-28
It happens a lot. Acts 14.1-3
It's still Good News today! Acts 13.32, 33
We must always submit to the Word. Acts 13.49-52
Nothing can stop the Gospel. Acts 13.42-48

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