The Scriptorium

"Call to Me"

December 17, 2020
What an astounding promise! Jeremiah 33.1-9

God Answers

December 16, 2020
A lesson on how God answers prayer. Jeremiah 32.26-44
Here's a lesson in praising the Lord. Jeremiah 32.16-25
Another sign from God for a future and a hope. Jeremiah 32.1-14
God had not forgotten His Word. Jeremiah 29-31
The new covenant is one with the old. Jeremiah 31.15-40
The grace of God prevails for His people. Jeremiah 31.7-14
God's everlasting love comes through. Jeremiah 31.1-6

The Yoke Broken

December 9, 2020
God promised a day of deliverance and a new King. Jeremiah 20.1-24

End of the Road

December 8, 2020
For the false prophets, it's all over. Jeremiah 29.15-32
The captives must get busy seeking the Lord. Jeremiah 29.1-14

The Better Yoke

December 6, 2020
And you can get right in it. Jeremiah 26-28
God judges the false prophet. Jeremiah 28.12-17
Time would tell who was the true prophet. Jeremiah 28.1-11
What was good for the nations was good for Judah. Jeremiah 27.12-22