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The Scriptorium
It beats for others in their suffering. Ecclesiastes 7.2-4

A Good Name

December 9, 2019
Focus on what matters most. Ecclesiastes 7.1

Who Knows?

December 8, 2019
Believers must be firm in defending the truth. Ecclesiastes 6.12
We need God's strength to make our lives make sense. Ecclesiastes 6.10
It's the gateway to all sin. Ecclesiastes 6.9
Desire the right things, or fail to satisfy your soul. Ecclesiastes 6.7, 8
In the end, life is about rest. Ecclesiastes 6.4-6
Live long, neglect your soul, die alone. Ecclesiastes 6.3
No matter how much, it will never satisfy. Ecclesiastes 6.1, 2


December 1, 2019
God can keep us busy, using His gifts as He intends. Ecclesiastes 5.18-20
It won't bring true happiness, and you can't take it with you. Ecclesiastes 5.13-17
You won't find lasting happiness here. Ecclesiastes 5.10-12
We can't think only about ourselves. Ecclesiastes 5.8, 9

Vow Wisely

November 27, 2019
Don't let your words be your downfall. Ecclesiastes 5.4-7
Before God, let all the earth keep silence. Ecclesiastes 5.2, 3