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Realizing the presence, promise, and power of the Kingdom of God.
The Scriptorium

Soul Work

November 10, 2022
It takes work to know peace. Psalm 119.165, 167
God Himself can teach us. Psalm 119.164


November 8, 2022
We need both. Psalm 119.163
Make sure it's in the Word. Psalm 119.161, 162

Revive Us!

November 6, 2022
Every day. Psalm 119.153-160

All Scripture

November 5, 2022
We must not neglect any of it. Psalm 119.160

What God Sees

November 4, 2022
You and me. All the time. Psalm 119.159

Balancing Act

November 3, 2022
Love them, but hate their sin. Psalm 119.157, 158

That's Living!

November 2, 2022
God can make us really live. Psalm 119.156
Where the Law fits. Psalm 119.155
He's there with grace when we need Him. Psalm 119.153, 154

Cri de Coeur

October 30, 2022
For what does your heart cry? Psalm 119.145-152
The Word is reliable and sure. Psalm 119.152

Near and Far

October 28, 2022
Stay near to God and far from wickedness. Psalm 119.150, 151

Crying Out Loud

October 27, 2022
Sometimes we need to pray out loud. Psalm 119.149

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