The Scriptorium
Suddenly, Babylon is in the prophet's cross hairs.
Wrath, judgment, hope, restoration: Isaiah's ministry begins.
Are we about what the Lord's about in these last days?

The Branch

March 1, 2019
An interlude of radiant hope.
Sennacharib went too far. Too bad.
Isaiah 9 breaks into two parts, one of birth, one of death.

The Promised Son

February 26, 2019
Isaiah's son was a sign to Ahaz and to us.

Ask a Sign

February 25, 2019
Isaiah begins his ministry in the court of King Ahaz.

"Send Me."

February 24, 2019
Isaiah's call is the model of God's call to each of us.

Isaiah Called

February 23, 2019
Isaiah's call is a model for our own.

Song of Woe

February 22, 2019
God has a song for His people. Strictly minor key.
God will restore His beloved people.
They had gone too far, and now their time was up.

Then and Now

February 19, 2019
God continues His case against His people, and holds out a promise of hope.

Opening Argument

February 18, 2019
God has a case against His people, and Isaiah is His lawyer.

Today's ReVision

Never So Bad

How bad can things get? Not bad enough to thwart our mission.

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