The Scriptorium
Jesus has power over sin and its effects. Matthew 8.12-14
Faith unleashes the power of the Kingdom. Matthew 8.5-13
The Kingdom of God is power. Matthew 8.1-4
Christians live toward the end in all things. Matthew 7.1-29
Jesus is His own authority. Matthew 7.24-29
The scariest passage in Scripture? Matthew 7.21-23
Beware the false prophets. Matthew 7.15-20
It's narrow and difficult, but right. Matthew 7.12-14
Prayer is hard work, but that's no excuse for not praying. Matthew 7.7-11
We can't not judge, but we must judge righteously. Matthew 7.1-6
It's the Kingdom and righteousness of God. Matthew 6.15-34
The Kingdom is our defining priority. Matthew 6.33, 34
The antidote to worry is to seek the Lord. Matthew 6.25-32
It's a question of being loyal to God. Matthew 6.24

Bad Eyes?

April 29, 2020
What you see is what you'll get. Matthew 6.22, 23