The Scriptorium - Fellowship of Ailbe
The Scriptorium
A healthy church begins here. Titus 2.1, 15
Paul insists that churches must be properly ordered. Titus 1
True faith consists of both. Titus 1.15, 16
It's one of the most important jobs of an elder. Titus 1.10-24
It's the foundation and capstone of an elder's ministry. Titus 1.9
Being an elder is a big deal. Titus 1.6-8
God knows what He wants. Do we want what He does? Titus 1.4, 5
We all have a calling like Paul. Titus 1.1-3

Grace to Grace

September 29, 2019
Grace can sustain us through every adversity. 2 Timothy 4
He stood with Paul. He'll stand with you. 2 Timothy 4.17-21


September 27, 2019
Paul followed Jesus. Are we? 2 Timothy 4.9-15

Keep the Faith

September 26, 2019
Four images to guide our faith. 2 Timothy 4.6-8
Our ministry is incomplete without this. 2 Timothy 4.5

Whose Desires?

September 24, 2019
Do we want what God wants, or what we want? 2 Timothy 4.3, 4
We must always be ready to stand for Christ. 2 Timothy 4.1, 2