The Scriptorium
They sought it; they got it. Jeremiah 5.18-31
It starts in the heart. Jeremiah 5.1-17
He sorrows, but He will not relent. Jeremiah 4.19-31

Trouble Looming

October 13, 2020
Jeremiah's third messages to Judah is the most troubling yet. Jeremiah 4.5-18

Change of Heart

October 12, 2020
God requires it, and only He can perform it. Jeremiah 4.1-4
Jeremiah's ministry begins. Jeremiah 1-3
Judgment is coming, but so is hope. Jeremiah 3.6-25
Jeremiah's first sermon ends with an appeal to God's people. Jeremiah 3.1-5
Jeremiah continues his first sermon. Jeremiah 2.14-37
Jeremiah's message is for us, too. Jeremiah 2.1-13
Jeremiah's, and ours. Jeremiah 1.9-19


October 5, 2020
As God called Jeremiah, He calls us. Jeremiah 1.1-8
We are called to make disciples. Matthew 28.1-20
This is every believer's calling. Matthew 28.18-20
Jesus called His disciples to meet Him in Galilee. Matthew 28.16, 17