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Realizing the presence, promise, and power of the Kingdom of God.
The Scriptorium
Isaiah's prophecy incarnate. Luke 4.16-22
How the Spirit works in us. Luke 4.14, 15

Game Over

December 14, 2022
Satan bound. Luke 4.9-13

Whom to Worship

December 13, 2022
Only One is worthy. Luke 4.5-8
Here's how to resist the devil. Luke 4.1-4
You have to put it on. Luke 3
Son of Man, Son of God. Luke 3.23-38


December 9, 2022
God launches Jesus' ministry. Luke 3.21, 22

Things to Come

December 8, 2022
They're all Jesus. Luke 3.15-20
Meet the discipline of penance. Luke 3.10-14

Hard Words

December 6, 2022
We need John today. Luke 3.1-6
John is our example. Luke 3.1-6
And glory fills our souls. Luke 2.1-52
It's our business, too. Luke 2.41-52


December 2, 2022
It's an essential discipline. Luke 2.36-40

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