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Realizing the presence, promise, and power of the Kingdom of God.
The Scriptorium
Our witness is both/and. Psalm 119.43, 44
Live it, speak it. Psalm 119.42
They are inseparable. Psalm 119.41
Keep focused on it. Psalm 119.33-40
God reproaches, but He also revives. Psalm 119.39, 40
This way to the fear - and love - of God. Psalm 119.38
And watch out for covetousness. Psalm 119.36, 37
We need God to give us grace. Psalm 119.35
Learning Jesus is a whole-person project. Psalm 119.34
Two horizons direct our steps. Psalm 119.33


July 17, 2022
We're all clingers. Cling well. Psalm 119.25-32
And committed to the Lord. Psalm 119.31, 32
It's a new day. Psalm 119.30
It's the way to be done with sins. Psalm 119.29
It's the power of God's Word. Psalm 119.28

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