The Scriptorium
They rushed Him because they recognized Him. But not as they should have. Matthew 14.34-36
It was both Peter's joy, and his demise. Matthew 14.28-33
No need to fear. It's Jesus. Matthew 14.22-27
Are we ready for the daily tests that come our way? Matthew 14.13-21
The lie makes you stupid, and in some cases, dangerous. Matthew 14.6-12
What do we learn from John about the Law? Matthew 14.1-5
The Kingdom of God is great and glorious. Matthew 13.1-58
Understanding is one thing. Learning is another. Matthew 13.51-58
It's worth more than everything. Matthew 13.44-50
It's what we might call Kingdom-think. Matthew 13.31-35
Here is a defining parable. Matthew 13.24-30, 36-43
The mysteries of the Kingdom are given to us. Matthew 13.10-17
Which soil best describes you? Matthew 13.1-8, 18-23
Jesus shows that He is Lord of all. Matthew 12.1-50
Who's in Jesus' family? Are you? Matthew 12.46-50