The Scriptorium
Is your church a house of prayer? Are you? Matthew 21.12-17
Jesus enters Jerusalem. Matthew 21.1-11

Kingdom Work

August 9, 2020
We work, because we expect a great reward. Matthew 20.1-34
There's more than just a healing going on here. Matthew 20.29-34
We are called to serve. Matthew 20.24-28
It's a question we should consider. Matthew 20.20-23
Stay focused. Matthew 20.17-19
It is our great hope. Matthew 20.8-16

Time to Work

August 3, 2020
In the Kingdom? Roll up your sleeves. Matthew 20.1-7
This changes everything. Matthew 19.1-30
In the regeneration, that's when. Matthew 19.27-30
Do you know where your true treasure lies? Matthew 19.23-26
Make sure you know what you're asking. And Whom. Matthew 19.16-22
We need to be like children. Matthew 19.13-15
Thanks, Jerome. Matthew 19.10-12