The Scriptorium
Jesus explains the purpose of His mission. Matthew 16.1-28
If you want to live, you have to die. Matthew 16.24-28
If you want to follow Jesus, get behind Him, not out in front. Matthew 16.21-23
Watershed. Matthew 16.18-20
It's the crucial question. Matthew 16.13-17
Watch out for this. Matthew 16.5-12
The religious leaders ask for a sign. Matthew 16.1-4
Matthew sharpens our focus on faith. Matthew 15.1-39
Come to Jesus and be filled. Matthew 15.32-39
True faith leads to God being glorified. Matthew 15.29-31
Jesus is looking for faith that persists. Matthew 15.21-28
The heart is the heart of the matter. Matthew 15.
Only God can change hearts. Matthew 15.10.14
Not all traditions are bad. Matthew 15.1-9

Two Kings

June 28, 2020
The end of one the beginning of the other. Matthew 14.1-36