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The Fellowship of Ailbe is a spiritual fellowship in the Celtic Christian tradition.

We are not a “Celtic” order or fellowship; rather, our vision, values, and ministry are informed and shaped in many ways by the example and teaching of Christian leaders from Ireland who, between the fifth and ninth centuries, were used of God to bring a far-ranging revival and awakening to traditional Celtic lands, as well as to much of Europe.

In the few writings that have survived from this period we encounter a people devoted to pursuing holiness, fervent in their love for God, resolute about the work of evangelism and missions, and eager to serve the Lord in caring for His creation, creating culture and community, and preserving ancient and venerated texts.

The Fellowship takes its name from a sixth century monastic settlement which was a source of comfort, care, and renewal for weary servants of the Lord. We are men covenanted together from many different traditions, bound by a common Rule, and devoted to serving the servants of God through partnerships in prayer and mutual growth, instruction in spiritual formation and ministry skills, and the provision of resources and outlets for more effective ministry in the Church.

The Board and Members of The Fellowship of Ailbe are committed to the revival of God’s saints, renewal within and among His churches, and awakening in the larger culture and society, to the praise of the glory of God’s marvelous grace.

The Ailbe Community

In addition to our Members, The Fellowship of Ailbe consists of a growing number of friends who have benefited from the work of The Fellowship and support it in a variety of ways – through prayer, giving, and sharing in distributing the resources of The Fellowship.

The Members of The Fellowship serve The Ailbe Community through prayer and by providing a wide range of resources for spiritual growth, personal and ministry assessment, and disciple-making. Members of the Ailbe Community are invited to meet quarterly in an online Gathering for sharing, prayer, and mutual encouragement and edification.


Membership in The Fellowship of Ailbe is open to men in ministry by invitation and recommendation from an existing Member. The process of becoming a Member involves a year-long orientation to The Fellowship, culminating in commitment to the Rule of The Fellowship. The Rule of The Fellowship describes our commitment as Members together in a disciplined pursuit of the knowledge of God and His glory. This commitment is renewed annually.

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Harmony and Scripture

We resonate with harmony in cultural forms.

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