While packing today, I come across two figurines in my bureau drawer. I have long forgotten why I put them there. But they make an odd combination: Horus and Batman.
I sit down in a new sanctuary – recently built and new to me. I lift my eyes to the front of the sanctuary and there I see a cross unlike any other I have seen. For it is made entirely of light.
On the way to see my son’s new office in Harrisonburg, Virginia, we walk past a sculpture that captures the dismay I feel about the latest school shooting.


February 16, 2018
I am alone in the woods and walking on water. And through water. And under water. And by water. Water, water, everywhere.


February 15, 2018
Why is red the color of love?
When I want a feel for a town, I don’t head for Main Street. That’s for the tourists and TripAdvisor junkies. For me, nothing gives an unvarnished feel for a place like an alley.

Too close

February 10, 2018
Wedged between a large man and the plane window, I wonder where else in our society a person has to have constant contact with a stranger for four straight hours.
Sunlight is often playful. Today it sneaks through a window in the room where I am prepping for a meeting and selects one word out of all that I’ve written. Challenges. Is that some kind of sunny joke?
Her face is striking, even seen through the window of a moving car: pale, beautiful, slightly anxious. I only catch a glimpse as we pass. Later, I have to walk back to get a better look.
Traffic is moderate on the dreaded I-95 when my phone reminds me to pay attention. The industrial landscape around Baltimore did not look very promising for a post. But then, ahead, I saw it.
If you were to have one image to communicate who you were to the world, would you smile? What might you hold in your hands? What background would you choose?

Pot luck

February 1, 2018
Having had enough of the cold, I am in my house, trying to see something in a new way. My tiny rose bush catches my attention. It is surprisingly healthy.
Out in the woods, there is a layer of sound in silence. One has to get seriously quiet to hear all the noise.
For today’s exercise in random association, I will attempt to connect logo design, classic black gospel music and a box full of jewels. Ready?


January 28, 2018
Using the overhang at the entrance of the hotel to shield us from the rain, my grandson and I are watching the skies intently. We strain to see movement or hear distant honking.

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Not a License to Sin

Grace is not the last word. The Word is the last word.

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