Revival, If We Dare

Be careful what you pray for; you might just get it.

We humans have a tendency to want to control things, even to telling God how He should show up.

Commenting on Amos 5:18, C.S. Lewis wrote to his brother, “Of two things I am now persuaded. (1) That a real red–hot Christian revival, with iron dogma, stern discipline, and ruthless asceticism, is very much more possible than I had supposed. (2) That if it comes, people like us will not find it nearly so agreeable as we had expected. ‘Why have they desired the Day of the Lord? It is darkness not light.’”

Let us continue to seek God for His outpouring upon us, but let us make sure we aren’t telling God of what that outpouring should consist. Otherwise, revival may show up and we will either miss it or find it not “nearly so agreeable as we had expected.”

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