The Lord Our Salvation

It's not behind the rabbit; it is the rabbit!

Palm 35.3
Say to my soul,
“I am your salvation.”

You may recall the Monty Python sketch where a horrible danger is being pointed out. Everyone's looking past the rabbit in the room, but the rabbit's the real deal.

A similar thing happens with our salvation. We might be inclined to think that our salvation is, among other things, being forgiven and going to heaven, knowing the joy of the Lord, or being part of the Lord's Church and Kingdom. And, of course, these things are all true.

But these are not our salvation; they're merely expressions of it.

The salvation we have in Jesus is not something apart from Jesus, or in addition to Jesus. Jesus is our salvation. Salvation therefore consists in possessing Jesus, abiding in Jesus, looking to Jesus, drawing on His Presence and power, being transformed into His image, knowing and loving and serving Him.

To be saved is to be indwelled by Jesus and to see Him in His glory. To increase in our great salvation is to increase in Jesus and to see our old self steadily declining. To proclaim our salvation is to proclaim Jesus and His Kingdom, and to call people to repent and embrace Jesus.

We must know in our soul that Jesus is our salvation, so that, increasingly, we yield ourselves heart, mind, and conscience to the Law and rule of Jesus, our good King and Savior. To see the greater improvement in salvation, which we aspire to gain, look to Jesus, see Him in His glory, seeing you and giving you new life each day. Listen carefully and in silence as the Savior speaks to your soul and says, “I am your salvation!”

Jesus - and nothing but Jesus - is our salvation.

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