Calling All Gleaners

There's spiritual nourishment in this OT "chaff."

Some believers of the opinion that the Old Testament has little in the way of spiritual nourishment to strengthen their souls. The Law is not for them. The prophets are too difficult, the histories too tragic, and the wisdom, well, a little too pointed for their palate. They cling to the New Testament for their devotional lives, only venturing into the Old when led their by a pastor or teacher.

You will agree that’s hardly a “balanced diet” of the Word of God. By neglecting the Old Testament – simply leaving it behind as of little value – many believers are denying the practice of Jesus and the apostles, and of saints and faithful believers throughout the ages. Since all Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and all Scripture is profitable, we ought not leave any of it behind in our desire to grow in and serve the Lord.

That includes the genealogies of the Old and New Testaments.The genealogies of Scripture occur throughout the Bible, beginning in Genesis and the rest of the Law, in the time of the kings, after the exile, and in the opening of the New Testament. They take up but a little space, comparatively speaking, and so seem like they can be easily left behind as a subject of careful reading and serious study. Psalm 117 doesn’t take up much space either; but we wouldn’t just skip it, or consider that it holds no profit for us. It should trouble us, if our spiritual regimen routinely leaves behind any portion of God’s holy Word. We do not live by bread alone, but by every Word that proceeds from the mouth of our God (Matt. 4.4), because every Word from God nourishes us on the Bread of life, Who is our Lord Jesus Christ.

True gleaners will recognize that a certain impoverishment blights our souls to the extent that we omit any of God’s Word from our diet. And they will be hungry to learn as much as they can about these Scriptural leavings, scattered throughout God’s Word, which are waiting for the poor and hungry to gather and consume.

This Insight is excerpted from our Scriptorium series, "Gleaneology", a four-part study on the genealogies of Scripture. The entire study is available at no charge by clicking here.

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