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They Told Him

Mark through the eyes of Jesus (6)

Mark 1.30
But Simon’s wife’s mother lay sick with a fever, and they told Him about her at once.

This must have pleased Jesus enormously. His disciples were beginning to understand that He has power over sin and its effects. They believed that if they told Him about Peter’s mother-in-law, He would know what to do.

They did not ask Him to heal her, it seems, but only to know about her and her trouble. They trusted that, if He knew, He would do what was best.

They did not try to prescribe to Jesus, but asked Him merely to be aware. They seem to have trusted in His goodness and power, and would be content with whatever He chose to do, once He knew about her.

Jesus must have been pleased at the simplicity yet the solidity of their faith. They were learning. They understood to come to Him.

Their faith would be rewarded and strengthened by His healing her, and He did.

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