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Realizing the presence, promise, and power of the Kingdom of God.

What I'm Learning about Revival

Are we seeing the first stirrings of a great awakening?

This is what true revival looks like (from

“On the morning of Feb. 8, a chapel service took place in Hughes Auditorium on the Asbury campus. The message was about confession and repentance and after the service was over, a group of students stayed behind to worship. Then more joined them. And then more, and more. 

“There’s a difference in the students, who have continued to make time for class after being able to participate in worship so ‘freely and so abundantly,’ said Dr. Shelby Thacker, a Spanish professor at the school. He said students have been ‘pleasantly surprised that revival took place.

“Thacker said they have shown that in a number of ways. ‘One student has been singing in worship for two days while another has been content to be still and observe. Everybody is reacting in different ways to a true move of God.’”

God is speaking to me this morning, and I feel we need to understand this: Revival doesn’t happen because some prophet or apostle or mega-church pastor shows up at your church. Revival doesn’t happen because a big stage is built. Revival doesn’t happen because of the band or lights or stirring of emotion.

Revival happens when a handful of people come together and earnestly seek God. Revival happens through worship. Revival happens through prayer. Revival happens when we get close enough to hear God’s heartbeat.

Don't you want this?

I definitely do...

I want to see God move in such a way that there is no need for a 2-hour sermon. No need for eloquence.

I pray that when we worship and when we pray, God will move in such a way that our pastors and prophets and apostles and evangelist and teachers won’t need to explain who God is, but that God Himself will be tangible in the room. We will know Him – every heart will know Him. Every knee will bow, every tongue confess, and every heart will know Him.

And we will worship.

We will worship in Spirit and in Truth, and God will bow the heavens to meet us there.

No hype. No pomp. No puff.

Just Jesus.

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