Realizing the presence, promise, and power of the Kingdom of God.
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Kingdom Civics
Three kinds of faith steps are required.
The way to the Kingdom is marked out by the promises.

Six in One

January 29, 2013
We must understand what God has promised.
Promise is the road to righteousness.
Blamelessness gets at consistency over time.
The character of the Kingdom goes to the heart.
Striving for excellence is Kingdom living.
Righteousness is first of all love.
There’s no guessing about where the Kingdom is; but realizing it?
As Christians who are willing to be obedient to both commissions we need to get involved with activities which will …
The evidence of the reality of the transforming power of the blood of Jesus Christ is in the exercise of the Cultural Commission.
What happens if Christians pursue the Great Commission but not the Cultural Commission?
What happens if Christians pursue the Cultural Commission but not the Great Commission?
Commonly referred to as the Cultural Commission or the Cultural Mandate, it is less clearly stated than is the Great Commission.
Introduction1 One of the great strengths of the Celtic Revival was the clear understanding that the Church was called to save and serve.

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