Yes Day

Yes Day

Moments like these are why I write this column.

As you know, I’ve been contemplating verses that show the greatness of Jesus.  Recently, this one has been walking with me:

For all the promises of God find their Yes in him. (2 Corinthians 1:20)

It’s a simple concept with a depth worth sounding.  And our trip to visit my son and his family gives me a good chance to think it through.  Just like with my Awareness Walks, I hope that God will give me a fresh angle in to understanding his truth.

So, back to the moment.  I stand next to my daughter-in-law as we watch their two little boys enjoy the ice cream we bought them.  We talk about how fun it is to give them treats.  She tells me this is like an extension of the Yes Day they just had.

This is a new concept to me.  She explains that every now and then, she dedicates a day to respond in the positive to their requests.  Sure, we can explore that field.  Absolutely, we can stop for a treat.  She says that with so many restrictions in normal life, it’s good to have times when the parent can just say, “Yes!”

Remarkable.  Not just the concept – which I love.  But look how God has so pointedly given me a new way to think about this verse!

There is a risk in Yes Day, of course.  The child could ask for something that’s impossible to give.  A blanket affirmative could lead to tricky conversations and disappointment.  It depends very much on the kid that’s asking.

That’s why Scripture doesn’t say that Jesus is the YES to anything we want.  But he is the Amen (Rev. 3:14) to what God has promised to do for his children.

I think back over just a few of the promises I read in the closing chapters of Isaiah:

Lord, would you make an unchanging, undying covenant with me? (55:3)

Will you heal, guide and restore me? (57:18)

Can you truly make even me the display of your splendor? (60:21)

Will I really sing out of the joy of my heart? (65:14)

Jesus says, “Yes!  Because of my finished work on your behalf, all this will surely come to pass.”

A few years ago, in a corporate session, a spokesperson from a successful company summed up their customer service policy with a punchy, surprising statement.  Their mindset is, “The answer is yes! Now, what’s the question?

With Jesus, the answer is yes -- now, what’s the promise?

Because, with him, every day is a Yes Day.

Thank you, Lord Jesus, that you make all the promises in your word powerfully real to us.  Change our lives by this truth.

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Bruce Van Patter

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