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Realizing the presence, promise, and power of the Kingdom of God.
The seasons tell our story wrong.
In the midst of bland Corporate Land, the battered, vintage arch is unexpected.
For what are you working? What will be the sum total of your career?
Sometimes it’s hard to go to street level.
Alone in a city, with an evening to myself, I am wandering.
When I finally notice the old man, he is looming over me with his arms raised over his head.
Ralph Waldo Emerson once called enthusiasm, “leaping lightning.”
In my dinner with a new colleague, Kim, we have just reached a major turning point.
It’s Monday morning, and at 8:18, I am cresting a mountain range.
It is Sunday morning and my soul is, once again, soaring on the intricacies of the music of Bach.
As I step outside to photograph the snow that is quickly building on the grass, I decide to get as close as the camera will let me.
Every year, I am always taken by surprise by the first sign of life in the garden.
Two seats over from me in a crowded airport gate, a young teen bends over his sketchbook. I decide we should talk.
Only minutes remain before I am to start scribing an event in Hollywood (sigh: Florida) and I am staring into the huge eyes of a robot.


February 21, 2018
The Amish girl behind the counter at the Farmer’s Market views me with puzzlement as I take a photo of the bags of flour in her stall. But when I make my purchase, she gives me her usual parting words, “Have a great deh.”
While packing today, I come across two figurines in my bureau drawer. I have long forgotten why I put them there. But they make an odd combination: Horus and Batman.

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