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Happy Thanksgiving!

Oh come, let us sing to the LORD!
Let us shout joyfully to the Rock of our salvation.
Let us come before His presence with thanksgiving;
Let us shout joyfully to Him with psalms.
For the L
ORD is the great God,
And the great King above all gods.
In His hand
are the deep places of the earth;
The heights of the hills
are His also.
The sea is His, for He made it;
And His hands formed the dry
Oh come, let us worship and bow down;
Let us kneel before the L
ORD our Maker.
For He is our God,
And we are the people of His pasture,
And the sheep of His hand.
Psalm 95.1-7

Resources for Shepherds
Because we are all made in the image of God, we are all creative, although in different ways and situations. We’re not all artists, but we can all refract God to the world by nurturing our creative abilities. Andrew Peterson tells the story of his own development as a creative person in his book, Adorning the Dark. I found this book to be quite encouraging. You can read a more complete review here.

John Owen’s Christologia is about as thorough a study of the Person and work of Christ as you’ll find. You might be surprised to discover how mystical this Puritan is, as he leads us to consider Jesus and urges us to grow closer to Him in love. You can read my review here.

And in case seeing Jesus more clearly and consistently is an area of spiritual discipline on your radar screen, our present ReVision study, “We Would See Jesus,” might help you in fixing your mind on the things that are above, where Christ is seated in heavenly places. You can download parts 1 and 2  of this study here, and follow the ongoing study in the ReVision column here.

Our daily study of the book of Jeremiah continues through chapter 25 this week. You can listen to my weekly summary each Sunday. Click here for the summary of Jeremiah 22, 23. Add Scriptorium to your subscriptions, and begin each day in singing, prayer, meditation, and study of the Word of God. Or use Scriptorium’s weekly PDF with your Bible study group.

The Ailbe Seminary
Looking for resources to train your leaders for Kingdom vision and Kingdom leadership? The courses at The Ailbe Seminary are all focused on that common objective. Our course, The Coming of the Kingdom, provides the Biblical foundation for the Kingdom and shows how the Kingdom is a kind of spiritual ecosystem. It’s free, and you can study at your own pace or set a schedule with your group. Watch this brief introductory video, then register at The Ailbe Seminary (upper right hand corner) and enroll in the course.

To learn more about the curriculum of The Ailbe Seminary, watch this brief video.

Ailbe Resources and Opportunities
The Ailbe Bookstore
Looking for a small but useful gift for church leaders? Our book, Joy to Your World!, shows you how to bring the message of Isaac Watts’ great hymn into everyday life, so that we become joy-bringers to our world, our Personal Mission Field. Buy a bunch of them for your leaders, then take them through the Personal Mission Field video and worksheet (included at the end of Joy to Your World!).

Come pray with us!
Would you like to gather a group of men to seek the Lord for revival? Write to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and let’s get together and talk about it. I’d be glad to help you create, launch, and lead a weekly meeting of your men. If you’d like to know more about this movement, when you write to me, ask for a PDF of our book, Restore Us! This lays out the rationale and method, and provides prayer guides from the psalms, for leading men in praying for revival. And, oh yes, we meet each Tuesday morning at 10:00 Eastern to seek the Lord for revival. Want to join us? Just let me know at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

At The Fellowship of Ailbe website
Did you know that free Ailbe resources have been downloaded nearly 3,000 times this year, by people in over 100 countries? Check out the various resources that you can use in your ministry to encourage folks in their walk with the Lord. At the website, click the Resources tab to see the various studies, tools, and other items available to download. And don’t forget to listen in to Rusty Rabon’s The Ailbe Podcast. Some great interviews about timely subjects with the Brothers of The Fellowship.

Most people know very little about St. Patrick. The InVerse Theology Project brings you Patrick’s Confession and his Letter against the Soldiers of Coroticus in a fresh paraphrase. Check our Part 2 here, and Part 1 here.

What’s an “awareness walk”? Bruce Van Patter explains that it’s a way to discover God along the daily paths of life. Click here for his 8:18 column.

Psalm of the Week
We are happy for you to use our weekly psalm for personal or corporate worship. All psalms for singing are from The Ailbe Psalter. Psalm 95 is just right for this Thanksgiving season:

Psalm 95 (Tidings: O Zion Haste, Thy Mission High Fulfilling)
Come, let us sing with joy to God, our Savior!
Let us with joy to Him, our Rock, bow down!
Come now before Him, grateful for His favor;
Let joyful psalms break forth from all around.
Refrain v. 6
Come let us worship, kneel to our Lord;
Worship our Maker: Father, Holy Spirit, Word.

Great are You, Lord, a King above all nations.
All of earth’s depths lie hidden in Your hand.
Yours are the mountains, Yours the sea, You made it;
You by Your hands created the dry land.

You are our God, we are Your sheep, Your people:
Speak, Lord, and let us hearken to Your Word.
Let not our hearts grow hard through sin, and feeble,
as when our fathers sinned against You, Lord.

Long years You loathed that wicked generation,
who in their hearts, rebelled against Your path.
Them You forsook, and kept from Your salvation;
them You subjected to Your fearsome wrath.

From the Celtic Revival
Would that me also, wretched though I be, yet His poor servant, He might deign so to arouse from the sleep of idleness, so to kindle with that fire of divine love, that the flame of His love, the longing of His so great charity, would mount above the stars, and the divine fire would ever burn within me! Would that I had the tinder to foster, feed, and keep alight that fire unceasingly, and nourish that flame, which knows no quenching and knows all increase!

  - Columbanus, Sermon XII, Irish, 7th century[1]

Anyone who knew Columbanus would have thought he was writing about someone else.

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T. M. Moore

A Thanksgiving Challenge
A generous friend of The Fellowship is offering a $5000 challenge gift for new donations and donations over and above regular giving. Will you join us to give thanks to God for this, and to ask Him whether you should participate in this opportunity? If the Lord moves you to give, you can use the Contribute button at the website to give with a credit card or through PayPal, or you can send your gift to The Fellowship of Ailbe, 360 Zephyr Road, Williston, VT 05495.

Except as indicated, Scripture taken from the New King James Version. © Copyright 1982 by Thomas Nelson, Inc. Used by permission. All rights reserved. All Psalms for singing are from
The Ailbe Psalter.

[1] Walker, pp. 113, 115.

T.M. Moore

T. M. Moore is principal of The Fellowship of Ailbe, a spiritual fellowship in the Celtic Christian tradition. He and his wife, Susie, make their home in Essex Junction, VT.
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