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Better Late...

  • November 29, -0001
Word yesterday that the White House has formally approved the construction of two new nuclear power plants, to be built in Georgia. If there was ever a "better late than never" scenario, this is it.

American industry has more genius and resources for making nuclear power a key player in our insatiable diet for electricity than all the other countries in the world. Construction has been held up in the past over worries that plants might not be safe and where to dump the waste material. Environmentalists have been a major opponent of nuclear power development. Honestly, those folks can find more flora and fauna that are threatened by extinction than the rest of us could have ever imagined.

But now the President wants to go forward with nuclear power, and I, for one, salute his decision. Except for this one thing: Why does American industry have to wait for the President before it can go forward to produce the services most people recognize are vital to our continuing ecnomic growth? Do presidents really have that much power? Is it necessary for a president to be persuaded of the merits of some new industrial or economic venture and to give it his OK for business to proceed? If so, what's next to be approved? Or disapproved?

The nation will benefit from nuclear power in many ways. Yes, there will be accidents, spills, and that nasty discharge to be disposed of somewhere. But, I don't think we're looking at a Chernoble any time soon, probably not at all; and give some entreprenuer enough space to think, tinker, and toy, and he'll find a way to put that nuclear waste to good use.

The President will anger his supporters on the Left, but I think he probably figures they're already mad at him, so, hey, what the heck? Plus, the Right will love him for it. And Mr. Obama doubtless likes being in the position of "Captain of Industry" - what with all his investment in cars, banks, investment houses, and, soon, insurance firms.

Americans need to watch this tendency of government to play the role of arbiter over the marketplace. But, for now, give thanks to God that a wonderful gift He has given to men will begin to make more of its divinely-appointed contribution to the common weal. And thank the Lord for the President as well. There may be hope for him yet.

T. M. Moore
T. M. Moore

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