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Our Favorite Holidays

  • November 29, -0001
I rise today to salute America's two favorite holidays. This is only appropriate, of course, as they are both upon us just now, one today, and one in a month or so. That these are America's two favorite holidays is obvious in a number of ways: heightened economic activity, special sporting events, elaborate public celebrations (Macy's Parade, TV specials, etc.), decorations and music unique to the season, and favorite traditions happily engaged by people all over the land.

These two holidays have become almost linked into one glorious season of celebration - rather like the megalopolis that takes in much of the east coast of our country. And so today, in honor of these holidays, and in recognition of how they seem to overlap and spill into one another, I propose that we consider renaming them, giving them a name that would be both accurate and apt, so that we might all understand clearly what this season is all about.

I used to work for a gentleman who did not like the word, "thing." Items have names, he would insist, and those names are important for identifying the function of each item. The more we use the names

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