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Oh, That Debt!

  • November 29, -0001
Do not adjust your set. That distinguished young gentleman talking about the need to curtail America's debt is indeed the same President Obama who has spent the first year of his tenure driving that debt through the ceiling. Suddenly Mr. Obama is listening to the voices of sanity and the future, warning him about increasing the nation's debt to levels that will cause people, in the President's words, to lose confidence in the American economy.

But whose voices? Which people? The tea-party crowd? Fox News? John Boehner? Mitch McConnell? The Wall Street Journal?

Huh uh: The Chinese. Mr. Obama was publicly reprimanded for his cavalier approach to America's debt by the Premier of the nation that serves as America's de facto banker, with over $800 billion in Treasury Notes alone in their hands. That little trip to the bamboo woodshed seems to have reached the President like nothing his own countrymen have been able to say for nearly a year.

I find that frankly a little scary. Is it that the voices of reason here in his own country are simply not persuasive? I don't think so. Mr. Obama is chastened and sobered not by those who love this country and its form of government, but by those whose designs on America are not nearly so noble. And that troubles me. If the President is willing to re-think his policies on debt and the economy simply because the Chinese don't like what he's doing, what's the next item on the agenda that will subject to review and change because some foreign power wants to see something different?

What if, for example, the Arab world wants to see a different attitude toward Israel? Or the European Union begins to insist that we follow the lead of certain of their member nations and allow Muslims to create enclaves where elements of sharia law obtain? Will all the rhetoric and ink of the President's critics and political opponents be able to keep him from steering the nation according to the GPS of whatever foreign power he hopes to mollify, assuage, or impress?

Because Jesus Christ is the very embodiment of the wisdom of God, we should expect that those who truly know the Lord will manifest a degree of wisdom reflective of the character of Christ. I'm still waiting to see the first evidence of such wisdom in President Obama, who, as we know, claims to be a Christian.

T. M. Moore

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