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The Doctor is In

  • November 29, -0001
Was he ever! Or, rather, weren't they ever - 150 doctors, in fact, all gathered in their white coats at the White House to provide a prop for the President to salute his health care reform ideas one more time. The President insisted that these doctors wouldn't have been there if they didn't believe in his plan. Hmmm.

Wouldn't it be more true to say (a) those doctors wouldn't have been there if they had not been hand picked by your White House staff, and (b) they wouldn't have been there if you hadn't paid their way? Were we supposed to believe that these were 150 doctors who just, you know, wandered into the Rose Garden from all over the country, on their own initiative, having come to Washington to voice their support for health care reform (and, of course, get a spiffy new white coat)? It's like, the President took a little break from his work day and went out for a stroll around the White House grounds, and ohmagosh! look here: 150 doctors in new white coats have showed up - with their own press entourage - to support my health care proposal. What a deal! What a blessing! What proof!

Does the President really think that little of voters? Does he consider us so stupid that we'll fall for this charade - after, of course, having paid for it? The more President Obama pulls these kinds of stunts, the more I don't trust him. He is of the mindset that, if I just keep saying this over and over, and if I can stage various ways of making it look like the world is on my side, then I'll finally get my way and we can move on to the next thing. I hope he's not right about this, about us. I hope we aren't as gullible as President Obama thinks, and that we won't be distracted by the smoke and mirrors from the fact that, behind the curtain, there's no there there.

Just as there was no representative sampling of America's doctors at the White House today.

T. M. Moore

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