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Chry, Baby, Chry

  • November 29, -0001

Chrysler is in the tank, all the efforts to forestall the dreaded outcome notwithstanding. Mr. Obama was perturbed yesterday as he made the grim announcement, even though he spoke wistfully of a Phoenix future for the auto company. Well, we hope so. Mr. Obama was angry, but not at the car company, which has manifestly failed to make automobiles that appeal to enough people. This involves judgments about things like style, engineering, excellence, economy, and so forth. Chrysler failed to provide these well enough to satisfy enough car buyers, but that's not something to get angry about. It's too bad, make your mother cry, but nothing to get angry about. And the President wasn't angry at the car company. He was angry at the people who lent Chrysler operating money and who, for the

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