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The Faith of the President

  • November 29, -0001
During the press conference marking the end of his first 100 days in office, President Obama was confident, glib, relaxed, and hopeful. He answered 13 questions from a wide range of sources calmly and with a minimum of fumbling for words. The President presented the confident demeanor of a man whose faith is being confirmed across the board. And what does the President believe? That is, in what does he place his trust, his confidence, his hope, and his belief that these first 100 days have been a good start? He told the reporter from AP that he believed that science and public officials could be relied upon to control the impending pandemic. He assured the Detroit News reporter that his hope for the auto industry was being confirmed by the common sense actions of the unions and debt holders. To CBS news he explained his complete confidence in his "entire national security team." He expressed confidence in the Pakistani army's ability to prevent nuclear weapons from falling into the hands of extremists. To the Reuters reporter he said he trusted the good judgment of his commander on the ground, the new Ambassador to Iraq, and the Iraqi government to work out all the remaining issues there. He assured the reporter from CNN that the inidividual woman was in a better position than he, or Congress, or anyone else to determine whether or not the baby in her womb was a real person. He explained to the reporter from Telemundo that he had confidence in a "working group" of Hispanic members of Congress and others to reform immigration laws. And overall the President made it clear that he believed in the federal government's ability to provide timely, efficient, necessary, long-term actions to lead the nation to prosperity once again. The President is a very confident man. He believes in science, human reason, collective thinking, common sense, personal choice, and Democratic policies turned into law. The President told Rick Warren last summer that he believed in God and Jesus Christ. But apparently that faith has nothing to do with the President's day-to-day responsibilities or the real issues facing the nation and the world. The faith of the President - to trust in everything but the Lord he professes to know and believe when it comes to the wellbeing of 300 million Americans and the rest of the world - is a faith against which every Christian must declaim.

T. M. Moore

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