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Finishing God's Mystery

What is the "mystery of God"?

Week 6, Thursday: The mystery of God
Chapter 10 is inserted at this point as an aspect of the work of the Rider on the white horse. Jesus wants His readers to know that, in the midst of all this trouble and destruction, as the rider on the red horse savages the earth, God’s unfailing covenant and Word remain firm. We will be able to endure in our Kingdom calling and commitment amid the tribulation (Rev. 1.9, 10) all around us as long as we hold firm to the Word and covenant of God, and the Lamb Who is the Centerpiece of them both.

Read Revelation 10

Meditate on Revelation 10.1-7
1.      OK, we’ve seen the rainbow already in Revelation (4.3, drawing on Genesis 9.9-13), and here we see it again. Only this time, how is the rainbow positioned? What’s the message of hope to believers who find themselves at all times trying to overcome in a world full of sin?

2.      This “covenant-crowned” angel has a “book” in his hand. He brings the book with him from heaven to earth. What do you want to bet about the content of that book? Is this book related to the scroll the Lamb is opening? Explain. Why is it important that we know this book is coming to us?

3.      We are specifically told that the angel stands in the sea and on the earth. Is he bringing a message of hope for the sin-corrupted creation? How, according to Romans 8.18-24, does God intend to bring this hope to the creation? What are the implications of this for you as a believer? For your church?

4.      We note that as the angel began to speak – with the voice of a lion (Gen. 49.8-11) – the creation responded. John “heard” something in the sound of thunder. Any thoughts about what he might have “heard”? A voice in heaven tells John not to write what the thunders spoke. Why not? Is the impression of the thunder more important than the “words”? Explain.

5.      What is the “mystery of God” (cf. Eph. 3.1-6)? The angel says there must “be delay no longer” in bringing this mystery to its conclusion. What would Paul have been doing if he had “delayed” in this mystery? How do you “delay” it? Jeremiah (33.3 – “great things and ‘mysteries’ is the literal translation), as a representative of all “His servants the prophets”, suggests one thing we should be doing to “finish” this mystery. How does this apply to you? Also, notice: When does this mystery reach its completion?

My Reflection
Are you a catalyst or an impediment to the “finishing” of God’s “mystery”? How might you become more of the former and less of the latter?

The Glory of God
In the midst of the chaos and sorrow of a sin-wracked world, we are still God’s Kingdom of kings and priests for His glory and dominion (Rev. 1.6) through our overcoming and enduring amid the tribulation of the world. How should we expect the Lord to remind us of our calling and of His promises? Are angels involved in this? Do we necessarily know or see the angels as they do this work (cf. Heb. 13.1, 2)?

Glory to Glory
Each of us has a Personal Mission Field where we are sent each day to work for the “finishing” of God’s mystery. What will this require of you today? How can you prepare for this to make sure you are a catalyst and not an impediment to the finishing of God’s mystery?

Recite Revelation 10.10, 11. As you recite these verses, think about what you would like to say to the people in your Personal Mission Field – whether believers or unbelievers – about the promises of God and the hope of the Gospel. Share your thoughts about this with someone today.

Closing Prayer
The words of the LORD are pure words,
Like silver tried in a furnace of earth,
Purified seven times.
You shall keep them, O LORD,
You shall preserve them from this generation forever.
The wicked prowl on every side,
When vileness is exalted among the sons of men.

Psalm 12.6-8

T. M. Moore

The book of Revelation is the culminating episode in the story of God’s covenant. To learn more about that covenant, and to discover the way it integrates all of Scripture into the Gospel of Jesus Christ, order a copy of T. M.’s book, I Will Be Your God, by clicking here.

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