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What Song?

February 22, 2011

Personal Mission Field/Transformation

I beg that me, a little man trembling and most wretched, rowing through the infinite storm of this age, Christ may draw after Him to the lofty most beautiful haven of unending holy hymn forever.

  - Colum Cille, Adiutor Laborantium (Irish, 6th century)

For we are his workmanship...

  - Ephesians 2.10

Paul says that God is creating us into His poems - that's the Greek, poema, which we translate, "workmanship." You are God's poem. What kind of poem are you?

Are you one of those, highly favored these days, free verse cacophonies that piles image upon image in cascades of mere self-referentialism - no rhyme, no reason, just whatever comes out, let 'er rip? Take it or leave it?

Perhaps you think of yourself more like some kind of epic poem - regular meters, lots of drama, exciting twists and turns, building toward the big finish with you as the hero?

Or are you a sonnet: proffer a puzzle in twelve lines, then, just as the curtain comes down on the last two of your life, solve it with flair and to the delight of all?

What if your life was a song? What would it sing? What would the "beat" of your life be? Is there a recognizable melody line? Some decent harmonies? Modulations? Inversions? Is the song of your life easy to sing, and pleasant, or does it grate and confuse like a John Cage "composition"?

Colum Cille longed to be an unending holy hymn forever. He wanted his life to sing the praises of Jesus, to draw others into the Savior through the sweet intonations of every aspect of his being. He worked like a possessed composer to get there, too - disciplined, austere, measured in everything, scholarly, a servant to all, and steeped in spiritual vision and prayer. He was the greatest man of his age, and the song which was his life continued to sing for hundreds of years, inspiring thousands to follow Jesus in lives of sacred martyrdom.

What's the song of your life? What do people "hear" when they're with you? Does your song invite others to sing along? Does it give pleasure even as it penetrates to the depths of another's soul? Do people, hearing the song of your life, look forward to hearing it again?

You are God's song, God's poem. What will you be singing today?

Today at The Fellowship

If you haven't yet downloaded this month's brochure on the Christian Literacy Campaign, may I encourage you to do so? Make several copies, fold them neatly into three panels, and give them to some friends. Be sure to follow-up, and help your friends get started as serious readers in the life of faith. Serious readers often become serious Christians and, well, we need a lot more of those.

T. M. Moore, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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