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Realizing the presence, promise, and power of the Kingdom of God.
Personal Mission Field Weekly Exercises


We are all called to "be holy as God is holy." What standard do we use? Why are folks so unwilling to acknowledge the need to be holy? How can we help them to understand the importance of following the Biblical imperative to be holy?

A man in my Personal Mission Field and I discuss/dispute standards of conduct. He says he's a pretty good person. I ask, How can you tell? He says he tries to do the right thing. I continue, How do you know it's the right thing? He says it feels right to him. I say, That could be misplaced endorphins. Don't you need an objective, true standard? He says, Now you're going to start talking about the Bible, aren't you? And, yes, I am. And yet he and everyone else holds on to some standards that represent best practices, truth, or even “holiness” to them. How can the idea of holiness serve as fuel for meaningful conversations in our Personal Mission Fields?

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