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A Book for All Ages

J. I. Packer’s thoughts on growing old are for every believer.

J. I. Packer’s little book, Finishing Our Course with Joy, is a must read for every believer. Addressed primarily to those who are reaching or have reached the age of “retirement” – a concept which Packer rightly identifies as secular and unBiblical – the book reminds us that we are the image-bearers of God, and that there is always room to continue growing in that image.

Those who have entered the later years of their lives should consider themselves as having reached the days of their “ripeness,” and should continue learning as much as they can and leading wherever they can, so that Christ and His Kingdom increase among us.

I’ve read this book at least five times now, and with at least five different men, and each time I see something new and encouraging to guide me in my calling and urge me on to leave a legacy to the praise of God for the generations to come.

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