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Playing at Work, Working to Play

We must not separate these two eschatological disciplines.

In her article, “Good Work, Done Well for the Right Reasons and with an End in Mind: Playing at Work,” Margaret Diddams offers some very helpful insights to the relationship between work and play (Christian Scholar's Review, Summer 2021).

Whereas these two have historically been kept separate from one another, Diddams explains that new views of work and play are being articulated among Christian thinkers to create a more integrated, fruitful, and enjoyable sense of vocation.

Play entails rules, goals, enjoyment, camaraderie, creativity, progress, recognition, and so forth. When these are kept integral to life and work, they make for a more fully-integrated view of each. We are made for work, but the Scriptures also teach that we are made for play, that play is an essential component of the eschaton, including dancing, singing, feasting, and delighting in the Lord in all things.

The more we bring elements of play into our work, the more our work will have a sacramental aspect and enable us to delight in God Who freely gives us all things. We should enjoy our work, done for the purpose of glorifying God, and we will be more likely to do so when our work is infused with elements of play.

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