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Realizing the presence, promise, and power of the Kingdom of God.

A Prayer for All Learners

Teach me, Lord...

He who instructs the nations, shall He not correct,
He who teaches man knowledge? 
Ps. 94.10 Ps. 94.10

Correct me, Lord. 

Turn me 
from any foolish ways, 
any attitudes, aspirations, 
desires, propensities, 
inclinations, or frames of mind - 
any priorities or values, 
any memories or secret and unrecognized longings 
that divert me from Your Presence and path 
and keep me from realizing all Your calling. 

Teach me, Lord, all the things that glorify You, 
that declare Your goodness, greatness, 
loveliness, virtues, might, and wisdom. 

Teach me, Lord, 
even as You turn me 
with more constant focus and delight 
to know You present with me in all things. 

Show me Jesus, Holy Spirit, 
that in Him I may see 
both the Father Who made me 
and the Redeemer Who saved me, 
and that I may know myself 
increasing day by day in Him 
by the strong working of Your power.

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