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To See the Lord with Us

It can and should happen.

Genesis 39.3
And his master saw that the LORD was with him and that the LORD made all he did to prosper in his hand.

The question arises as to how Potiphar was able to see that the Lord was with Joseph, causing everything he did to prosper and advance.

Certainly, what must have first caught his attention was the diligent, excellent, uncomplaining way that Joseph did his work. It may even have been that Joseph maintained a demeanor of peace, joy, considerateness, and perhaps even good humor, which, were it so, would certainly have struck Potiphar as unlike any slave he’d ever known.

Conversations must have passed between them, in which Joseph showed deference, humility, and a willing spirit, perhaps even offering words of praise or thanks to God, or offers to intercede on behalf of his master.

Occasions must have arisen for Joseph to explain his faith to Potiphar, and to give credit to the Lord for whatever worthy of praise the Egyptian observed in him.

This is how we are to bear witness to the Lord, by the excellence of our lives and the readiness of our words.

Calvin: “Here that which has been lately alluded to more clearly appears, that the grace of God shone forth in Joseph, in no common or usual manner; since it became thus manifest to a man who was a heathen, and, in this respect, blind. How much more base is our ingratitude, if we do not refer all our prosperous events to God as their author; seeing that Scripture often teaches us, that nothing proceeding from men, whether counsels, or labors, or any means which they can devise, will profit them, except so far as God gives his blessing. And whereas Potiphar, on this account, conceived so much greater regard for Joseph, as to set him over his house; we hence gather, that heathens may be so affected by religion, as to be constrained to ascribe glory to God.”

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