Bruce Van Patter

As a freelance illustrator, graphic recorder, and author, Bruce is on a lifelong journey to delight in the handiwork of the Creator. And he’s always ready for fellow travelers.

Root force

June 13, 2018

Warned by the bright orange cone, I look down at the jutting sidewalk and think, “There’s humor here.”

Stand Alone

June 11, 2018

The old woman in the hotel breakfast area is holding court.

Keeping it simple

June 1, 2018

The speaker I am about to scribe has a message for me from Steve Jobs.

Resilient roots

May 27, 2018

These weeds are like some kind of alien invasion.

Leaning in, holding my breath, I raise my camera toward the coiled rattlesnake.


May 22, 2018

The floating lure hits the water with a plop, sending ripples out in neat concentric circles.


May 17, 2018

The more basic a thing is, the easier it is to take for granted.


May 15, 2018

The fields are overjoyed this morning.


May 11, 2018

On a balmy night in Chicago, I am wondering what I have learned not to notice.


May 7, 2018

Purple is a scented hue.

A hard pursuit

May 4, 2018

I know what it’s like for a dream to feel like hunger.

A colorful life

April 29, 2018

I’ve never seen anything quite like this place.

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