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Realizing the presence, promise, and power of the Kingdom of God.
In the Gates

Seek Justice

September 10, 2016
A commitment to justice is another priority to stamp on our consciences.
Here is a fifth priority to lodge in your conscience.
Don't neglect the priority of the Lord's Day.
Holiness is the next circle of priorities in the soul.
Two commandments comprise the top priorities of the soul.
The Law teaches us the priorities to guide our soul.
God knows how to help us keep His Law in mind.
Creation reminds us of God's Law.
The Law helps us to remember and keep it.
We must not allow the world to distract us from God's ways.
Learn the Law, lay hold on the promises.
Fill your mind with God's Law and His promises.
The rule of God's Law begins in our hearts.
We must watch our hearts with all diligence.
It's good to love yourself. Mostly.

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