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Realizing the presence, promise, and power of the Kingdom of God.
Pastor to Pastor
We all want to please the Lord, right?
We all need to be focused on the same goal.
You have to lead people to their next steps.

Let Us Do Good

October 23, 2016
We are redeemed unto good works.
We must live with the coming judgment in mind.
Creation teaches us the way of harmony and order.
Here is where we find true peace.
God's promises come to those who seek them uprightly.
It's not a good idea to neglect our past.
The back to seeking the Kingdom goes through repentance.
It's what Pastor to Pastor is all about.

The Sin of Envy

October 15, 2016
It happens in every church.
It sneaks up on you.
How's your church's outreach to its community?
We must in all things pay attention to this.

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