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Realizing the presence, promise, and power of the Kingdom of God.
Pastor to Pastor
If ya can't say somethin' nice...

Ministers All

January 9, 2017
Let there be no unemployed members.
Commit yourself to the Lord in prayer as you retire at night.
Take a break after work. Pray.
The work we've been given to do is greater than the job at which we work.
Every meal can be a litany for praise.
Prayer is the place to plan your day.
The Spirit will meet you as you sing.
First thing every morning, feed on the Word.
Singing the psalms can help you in praying them.

Voices Together

December 31, 2016
Here's a great way to pray with others.
It is given to us to suffer with Him.
School's in session, and the Holy Spirit is the teacher.
When you pray this way, you're not praying alone.
Looking for help in your prayers?

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