Pastor to Pastor
You can't cut it until it cuts you.
Let the Word light your path.
It must live in you if it is to live through you.
The Word is foundational to learning and ministry.
Time should be saved well and spent cautiously.

Wide Learning

November 25, 2016
We need to understand the times in order to know what to do.

Holy Joy

November 24, 2016
Joy is found in holiness, in the Holy One.
Pastoral ministry is an art form.
Look here for the sufficiency you need.
We have found the enemy, and it is us.
God doesn't need us; He has chosen to use us.


November 19, 2016
Are you out among the lost?

Master Builder

November 18, 2016
What's your vision? Where's your plan?

Watchman, Worker

November 17, 2016
Shepherds are watchers on the wall, and workers in the field.
Shepherds are called to keep order in God's house.