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Realizing the presence, promise, and power of the Kingdom of God.
Pastor to Pastor
Where there's no fruit of prayer, there's no good soil.
If we don't pray, we shouldn't hope.
If these don't excite us, why not?
Prayer, like the Christian life, is hard work.
Prayer and sin just don't mix.
New born people are, well, new.
It's amazing what can throttle prayer.

True Prayer

March 11, 2017
Faith is validated first of all in prayer.
It is against our spiritual nature, not to pray.
If we have the Spirit, we will pray.
If this is all the prayer we do, it's prayer in vain.
Giving up private prayer doesn't happen all at once.
What do your prayers say about your faith?

It's Time

March 5, 2017
Now is the time for a Christian mind.
We need to see these in the right framework.

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