Realizing the presence, promise, and power of the Kingdom of God.
The Scriptorium
We are fallen beings, sustained by God's grace.
God alone deserves all our highest praise.
Colum continues his emphasis on spiritual matters in Stanzas III and IV.
The unseen realm was real and important for Celtic Christians.
Celtic Christians were theologically orthodox.
Is poetry a viable vehicle for theological truth?
Dealing with sin in the community of faith.
Repentance is the way to escape the ruin of sin.
Are today's shepherds imperfect, or hardened of heart?
Corrupt ministers cannot serve the Body of Christ.
Corrupt ministers cannot serve the Body of Christ.
The ruin of the ministry is the ruin of the Church.

Mouth of God

September 21, 2014
No "separation of Church and State" here.

Call to Repentance

September 14, 2014
Gildas' voice is needed in our day.

Brilliant Lamps

September 7, 2014
The faith of the martyrs often sustains the Church.

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