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Realizing the presence, promise, and power of the Kingdom of God.
It’s an odd concept to be looking for in a landscape.
The stick hits the water with a quiet splash.
I am an imprecise image maker.
So much for a happy ending.
Of the three churches at this intersection, this is my favorite.
This morning, I am filled with longing.
It’s just not right that a place so lovely would be this cold.
I blame it on the wind.
It’s a joy to be outside.
All around me are old buildings with new names.
I should know better, but it feels like spring.
I stand under this massive oak in a fine mist.
What a way to start his ministry!
I’m glad the sun is slightly veiled this morning.
Solitary tracks in the snow seem a fit visual for our times.
The book is new. The lyrics are ancient.

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