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Realizing the presence, promise, and power of the Kingdom of God.
Spiritual Vision One day when they were on the sea, the devil came in an accursed and dreadful form, and settled on the mast in front of Brendan, and none of them saw him save Brendan only.   - Anonymous, Vita Brendani (12th century, from an earlier ms.) For we…
Make sure that you love - really love - only what you should.

Friend of God?

December 30, 2010
Columba was, like Abraham, a true friend of God.
December/Vision In the fervent, resounding chanting of hymns by thousands of angels flourishing in their holy dances, and by the four beasts full of eyes, and by the twenty-four blessed elders casting their crowns beneath the feet of the Lamb of God, the Trinity receives threefold praise eternally.   -…

Beyond Knowing

December 28, 2010
The experience of knowing the Lord is not exhausted by our reasoning powers. December/Vision "God to whom I pray for help in every trouble, in every way of which my lips are capable: deeper than seas, greater than reckoning, Three, One, more wondrous than can be told."   - Broccan…
The Holy Spirit is transforming true believers, from glory to glory, into the image of Jesus Christ.
Are you working to connect your people to Jesus?

Put on Christ

December 22, 2010
Augustine put off what he could see and put on what he could not.

Living Water

December 21, 2010
Christ is sufficient to bring us into His presence.

To Follow Christ

December 20, 2010
If we know Jesus surely we must love Him.

Our First Duty

December 17, 2010
What's ahead of you in the next moment?
December/Vision For He created us to this end, that ever reigning with Him, we should praise Him unto ages of ages, and continually give thanks to Him. Therefore, knowing these things, under no toils, no trials let us fail, by no sorrows let us be conquered, by no wars fatigued,…
December/Vision Wherefore let us know nothing more profitable for ourselves than to examine ourselves daily, every day of our life reviewing that dubious life, and keeping account of our words and thoughts, and shuddering at human life, to ponder without ceasing this aforesaid end of that roadway, that is of…
The Christian life is never as good as it gets.
December/Vision With grace the bright King of mysteries has revealed to us every wonder, that through them we may understand him - a bright protection - and through the multitude of his miracles.   - Anonymous, Saltair na Rann (Irish, 9th or 10th century) Full of splendor and majesty is…

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