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Realizing the presence, promise, and power of the Kingdom of God.

Our First Duty

December 17, 2010
What's ahead of you in the next moment?
December/Vision For He created us to this end, that ever reigning with Him, we should praise Him unto ages of ages, and continually give thanks to Him. Therefore, knowing these things, under no toils, no trials let us fail, by no sorrows let us be conquered, by no wars fatigued,…
December/Vision Wherefore let us know nothing more profitable for ourselves than to examine ourselves daily, every day of our life reviewing that dubious life, and keeping account of our words and thoughts, and shuddering at human life, to ponder without ceasing this aforesaid end of that roadway, that is of…
The Christian life is never as good as it gets.
December/Vision With grace the bright King of mysteries has revealed to us every wonder, that through them we may understand him - a bright protection - and through the multitude of his miracles.   - Anonymous, Saltair na Rann (Irish, 9th or 10th century) Full of splendor and majesty is…

Wondrous Kingdom

December 10, 2010
The effect of the Kingdom's coming is to renew the world in uprightness.
With what will you clothe yourself this day?
Are we missing something here?
We hope for what we cannot see.
December/Vision What then shall we say of that happiness to come which is promised to the saints, which we consider to be nothing else but the pure and unmediated contemplation of Divine Essence itself? For if the eminence of the Divine Essence surpasses the purest power of angelic contemplation, how…

Coming Soon

December 3, 2010
December/Vision The day of the Lord, most righteous King of Kings, is at hand: a day of anger and vidication, of darkness and of cloud, a day of wonderful mighty thunders, a day also of distress, of sorrow and sadness, in which the love and desire of women will cease…

Get in the Boat

December 2, 2010
Do you have a vision of the unseen realm?
December/Vision I take this to be a measure of my faith in the Trinity that, without regard to danger, I make known God's gift and the eternal comfort He provides: that I spread God's name everywhere dutifully and without fear, so that after my death I may leave a legacy…

For the Fruit

November 30, 2010
Pastors and church leaders: Exciting training opportunities following today's issue of Crosfigell.

Let Us Seek Them

November 29, 2010
November/Learning How miserable is our state! The things we ought to have loved are so remote and undiscovered and unknown by us, that while we are men and situated in this prison of the body, the things that are truly good and eternal are utterly incapable of being seen or…

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