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Realizing the presence, promise, and power of the Kingdom of God.
The Celtic revival was not simply a period of missionary outreach and fervent evangelism.
Conversation is hard work.
Here is where real spiritual and personal transformation occurs.
Who are the "least of these"?

No Provision

January 25, 2011
All around us, day by the day, the world beckons us to indulge our flesh.
The Lord calls us to seek His face.
Soul friends depend on one another. Self-watch/Accountability But though this discipline seem hard to the hard-hearted, namely that a man should always hang on the lips of another, yet by those who are fixed in their fear of God it will be found pleasant and safe, if it is kept…
Where do we get such dumb ideas, anyway?
Self-watch/Prayer Come to help me, for the multitude of my inveterate sins have made dense my too guilty heart; they have bent me, perverted me, have blinded me, have twisted me and withered me...   - Litany of Confession, Associated with Clonmacnoise (Irish, 15th century) O LORD, rebuke me not…

Never Too Old

January 18, 2011
His mission was to establish the banner of truth and advance the Kingdom of Christ.

Be the First

January 14, 2011
Go ahead. Give them Jesus.
We must be watchful for one another.
Whatever it is we're doing in the name of reaching the lost isn't working.
Personal Mission Field/Transformation Irish pastors were a powerful force for social and cultural change.

Sweet Skill

January 10, 2011
Personal Mission Field/Demonstration Witnessing is first of all a way of being in the world. It was sweet, it was unique, his skill at priestly matters. To people, inscrutable: he was a shelter to the naked, he was a teat to the poor.   - Dallan Forgaill, Amra Choluimb Chille…

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