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Realizing the presence, promise, and power of the Kingdom of God.

Taught of God?

November 22, 2010
November/Learning ...human argument or skill or any vainglorious philosophy, which is unsound even on the nature of the world, cannot be our teacher about God, but is to be regarded as sacrilegious and impious to God. - Columbanus, Sermon II (Irish, 7th century) He answered them, "And why do you…

Both Books

November 19, 2010
Here are two books, both by God.


November 18, 2010
November/Learning For if you are busily occupied with mind and hand in all these things, you will have no leisure for vain, wandering, or wicked thoughts; but, as though ever at a new beginning, you will gather for yourself those fruits which you shall enjoy forever, and you will deserve…
November/Learning Alone in my little hut without a human being in my company...Treading the paths of the Gospel, singing psalms every Hour; an end of talking and long stories; constant bending of the knees...   - Anonymous, The Hermit (Irish, 8th or 9th century) One thing I have asked of…

What to Learn

November 16, 2010
November/Learning What should a man learn? Not hard to answer: steadfastness in holiness, shortness of words, gentle brotherliness, smoothness in giving, fulfilling the rule without urging, rising early before dawn, walking in obedience to God...   - Colman mac Beognai, Aipgitir Chrabaid (Irish, 7th century) But that is not the…
November/Learning The books of Solomon, he followed them. Seasons and calculations he set in motion. He separated the elements according to figures among the books of the Law. He read mysteries and distributed the Scriptures among the schools, and he put together the harmony concerning the course of the moon,…
What would happen if we began to see our neighborhoods in this way?
November/Scholarship The substance of those things, which are made by him, began in him before all the ages of the world, not in time but with times. Time, indeed, is made with all things that are made. It is neither made before them, nor is it preferable to them, but…
November/Scholarship ...the body of the church, enriched by the splendour of its Founder, is augmented by the hosts of saints and is made resplendent by religion and learning, so that those who come after draw profit from the concourse of the learned.   - The Monk Jonas, Life of St.…
November/Scholarship This Brendan was the head of the belief and devotion of a great part of the world like faithful Abraham, a pre-eminently prophetic psalmist like David the Son of Jesse, a distinguished sage like Solomon the son of David, a lawgiver to hundreds like Moses the son of Amram,…


November 8, 2010
Have you established good reading habits?
Do we know the Word that well?
We are called to be the agents of God's rule on earth...
Everything that exists was, for Celtic Christians, all of a piece under God.
If Columbanus is the first great Irish scholar of the Celtic period, Eriugena is the last.

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