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Realizing the presence, promise, and power of the Kingdom of God.


February 9, 2011
We are one another's keepers in the Lord.
We do not walk the life of faith alone.
Christianity is not a "niche" religion.
We know these people, have known them for years.
Personal Mission Field/Boasting in the Lord A beautiful pine makes music to me, it is not hired; through Christ, I fare no worse at any time than you do. Though you delight in your own enjoyments, greater than all wealth, for my part I am grateful for what is given…
Columbanus knew what a true shepherd should look like.
The Celtic revival was not simply a period of missionary outreach and fervent evangelism.
Conversation is hard work.
Here is where real spiritual and personal transformation occurs.
Who are the "least of these"?

No Provision

January 25, 2011
All around us, day by the day, the world beckons us to indulge our flesh.
The Lord calls us to seek His face.
Soul friends depend on one another. Self-watch/Accountability But though this discipline seem hard to the hard-hearted, namely that a man should always hang on the lips of another, yet by those who are fixed in their fear of God it will be found pleasant and safe, if it is kept…
Where do we get such dumb ideas, anyway?
Self-watch/Prayer Come to help me, for the multitude of my inveterate sins have made dense my too guilty heart; they have bent me, perverted me, have blinded me, have twisted me and withered me...   - Litany of Confession, Associated with Clonmacnoise (Irish, 15th century) O LORD, rebuke me not…

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