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Realizing the presence, promise, and power of the Kingdom of God.
I'm grateful for the Supreme Court's ruling in the Westboro Baptist case.
I don't know why someone hasn't hit on this before.
Moral relativists cannot fully escape the reality and inevitability of their own humanness.
When I was a kid, and a bunch of us wanted to get together to play football, usually there was no shortage of pigskins from which to choose. We all had footballs and, at certain times of the year, tended to carry them around with us much of the time.…
I confesss that I have some trouble following the liberal mindset.
The Christian worldview can account for ethical non-negotiables.
Is there a door of opportunity here for churches?
The problem of the courts is an interdisciplinary problem.
"The story of humans' sense of self is...the story of failed, debunked versions of The Sentence."

Pray for Egypt

February 10, 2011
It is not too late to begin praying for Egypt.
There is some good news to report from the arena of public education.
Readers of this column will recall that, back in mid-November, we lamented the sorry state of reading among the followers of Christ and opined that something like a Christian Literacy Campaign would seem to be in order. I'm pleased to announce that this project is now under way. And not…
I see no reason not to take the President at his word.
Come September - at the latest - Hosni Mubarak will no longer be President of Egypt.
Human beings may not be the only creatures which demonstrate an awareness of right and wrong.

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