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Realizing the presence, promise, and power of the Kingdom of God.
It's easy to lose sight of the contribution of evangelical Christianity to the scientific endeavor.
The science of neurotheology hopes to provide insight to the nature of religious experience.
Changing hearts requires stronger stuff than ballots.

Just the Facts?

December 12, 2010
Christians, at least, admit that our worldview is based on faith.
You just can't allow people to have too much money.
Has the Christian ministry fallen on such hard times?

Just a Thought

December 5, 2010
Even a string of unrelated thoughts can lead to praise.
People have a right to expect that those who bear the name of Christ will resemble Him.

Enjoy Yourself

November 30, 2010
Increasing numbers of our contemporaries are practicing narcissists.
"But where shall wisdom be found?"
How much longer will we abide by the great unchallenged assumption of our day?
The TSA "patdown" flap reveals an aspect of the American character that our forebears would have scorned.

Papal Spin

November 21, 2010
The Pope has spoken on condoms. Maybe he's wishing he hadn't.
For those of us in the ministry of words, this can be a little frustrating.
The Republicans are making a big show of putting a stop to earmarks. We'll see.

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