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Realizing the presence, promise, and power of the Kingdom of God.
Things last that penetrate to the very depths of another’s soul.
What kinds of things are beautiful to Jesus?
We need to reconsider the best ways of using our time.
We’re not likely to make something that lasts simply by accident.
We are called to make lasting contributions.
Who are we to tell them what they’re doing is wrong?
Today’s churches are stuck in the ever-changing present.
There are no good reasons for men not to pray.
How can we achieve this objective?
There are conditions attached to our praying.
We hardly know what it would be like.
Paul’s vision is of a torrent of prayer.
I wonder if Paul had more success with the men in his generation than we’ve seen in the men in our own?
Prayer is to our spiritual lives as breathing is to our physical lives.

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