Pastor to Pastor
We must not ignore what God has done in the past.
Are our churches what they should be?


January 25, 2018
Is it that we just don't believe Jesus?

Overcoming Evil

January 24, 2018
There's work to do in the Lord's field, but we must be revived.
Focusing on politics can distract us from revival.
We were made for the dark; we should not fear it.

A Worthy Walk

January 21, 2018
Revival takes place right where we are.
Revival makes us seekers of the lost.
Revival brings an outpouring of love.
Revival flows from this Fount.

Two Turnings

January 17, 2018
Here is the turning-point for revival.
In repentance, that is.

Dead Churches?

January 15, 2018
Are we deceiving ourselves about the state of our churches?

'Nuff Said

January 14, 2018
If Jesus could, surely we can?

No Easy Road

January 13, 2018
Realizing the Kingdom is hard work.