Pastor to Pastor

Resisting Disunity

September 26, 2017
There is more to unite than divide us.
The goal of preaching and teaching is fruit.

Not without Fruit

September 24, 2017
Here is the true mark of a church.

Who Belongs Here?

September 23, 2017
Not everyone can be a church member.
The church is not merely local.
The pastor's job is to equip.

Shared Benefits

September 20, 2017
The church is the breeding-ground for ministry.

One Body

September 19, 2017
Unity is the starting-point for growth.
What is the purpose of the church?

Let God Be True

September 17, 2017
We should learn from our forebears.

Passed Over?

September 16, 2017
Have we passed over God's Word?
Do we prefer the world's ways to God's?

Place to the Devil

September 14, 2017
Are we creating highways for the devil?
The Word of Christ is sufficient. Right?
What would Luther say about how we do church?

Today's ReVision

Harmony and Scripture

We resonate with harmony in cultural forms.

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