Realizing the presence, promise, and power of the Kingdom of God.
Pastor to Pastor
Shepherds have one focus for their ministry, one objective for their labors.
The work of ministry is not the end of ministry.
In his life as well as his preaching, John the Baptist is an example for ministers.
A surprising example from Jonathan Edwards of a pastor we should emulate.
Vision only works if you use it.
If our vision is not Christ's vision, we need a new vision.

Body and Members

November 29, 2018
Christ's final vision for the Church brings it all together.
Here is Christ's most foundational vision for His people.

City on a Hill

November 15, 2018
Jesus' vision for His Church must be our vision as well.

Bride of Christ

November 8, 2018
Here is a call to holiness, good works, and worship.

Agent of Change

November 1, 2018
Three additional images must guide our vision for the church.
The church is for righteousness, or it's not a church at all.
In the Lord's vision, His Church is a temple and Kingdom of servants.
The Lord is building His Church as a holy nation. Are we?
The Church is not a building; the Lord's temple is not made with bricks.

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