Pastor to Pastor
We must equip the saints to redeem the time.

Sent to Sow

November 4, 2017
We must all know how to handle the Word.
We're called to one-anothering. Are we equipped for it?

Sent to Serve

November 2, 2017
Do we think we're better than Jesus?

Sent to Seek

November 1, 2017
Who's supposed to be seeking here?
Are we equipping the saints for ministry?
It comes down to what we do with our bodies in the time of our lives.
Here is our equipping goal.
Good works are the measure of discipleship.

Kingdom Keepers

October 27, 2017
Be careful you're not barring entrance to the Kingdom.

Equippers All

October 26, 2017
Every believer is called to teach others.
Is this how you envision your ministry?
This is more important than mere numbers.
Here is why churches have pastors.
Are we watching over the souls of God's sheep?

Today's ReVision

Sow a Little Confusion

We need to challenge false worldviews.

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