Pastor to Pastor
Who are neighbors to the needy?

If We Love God

December 8, 2017
Here's how to know if we're growing in love for God.
We're either working for this, or we're failing.
In your preaching, aim at love.

Beauty and Joy

December 5, 2017
The church is Jesus to its community.
Here is the goal for church health and growth.

Dust and Stones

December 3, 2017
Every church member matters to God. Do they matter to us?
We say it all the time, but do we know what it means?
A healthy church is where Jesus is, doing what Jesus does.
Evangelizing a community takes a community.

Ministers All

November 29, 2017
When you see this, you'll know your church is healthy.

Gifted to Serve

November 28, 2017
Every church member is gifted for ministry.

Every Joint

November 27, 2017
Your church may be active, but is it healthy?
If we do our part, the Lord will do His.

Truth to Power

November 25, 2017
We must not imprison the Law of God.

Today's ReVision

Worship and Order

Worship is our most important cultural activity.

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