Pastor to Pastor
We must allow captivity to become the new normal.
God will remember. Will we?
If you sense your church has fallen into captivity, the psalms can help you dig out.
Your church might be captive if...
We must be on guard against deceitful winds.
We need to get back to Jesus in everything.
Have we become a church captive in our day?
Francis Schaeffer decried the Church's captivity to the naturalism of the age.
Liberalism took the Church captive to modern thought.
Some folks just don't want anything to change. Edwards has a word for you.
Captivity comes by degrees, not suddenly.
The churches in Gaul were captive to comfort.
Gildas warns us against failing to shepherd the Lord's flock.
Why did so many thousands flee the Church of the fourth century?
What winds are blowing through the Church's sails?